Dust Jacket Version of TAOFILWY 

The Art of Falling in Love with You is getting a dust jacket!!! The dust jacket TAOFILWY will be my book’s 2nd edition. There is not much of a difference between the 1st and 2nd edition of TAOFILWY except a few typos corrected, minor changes for some of the sentence structure/wording, a playlist I used to write TAOFILWY included in the back matter, and an epilogue!

TAOFILWY’s ending was written without having an epilogue or sequel in mind. Then one day, I was listening to some music and an idea came into mind. I didn’t include it in the 1st edition because when I had the idea, it was too close to my publication date so everything would have been too rush. I am really happy and satisfied with the way TAOFILWY ended so the epilogue is not needed (in my opinion-lol), but I wanted to write it to set some things in stone and mainly for me to get the idea off my chest. Since I haven’t written TAOFILWY for a while, I’m also not too confident that the epilogue is written that well (lol and ngl) so that’s why I’m only including it in a special format of my book and for everyone who subscribes to my newsletter. 

As always, thank you for reading! <3