Yes, I am! My debut novel The Art of Falling in Love with You is out on May 18th, 2023!

Self-publishing is like a business. I’ve always wanted to call the shots and be my own boss so I decided to do just that. 


More in-depth answer: You can read more on my blog!

I do have a newsletter. Everyone who signs up for my newsletter will be the first to hear about any exciting book updates and check out previews of my newest works. You can sign up by clicking on the “Newsletter Signup” button up above or the “Sign Up Here” button down below!

I don’t have a consistent posting schedule for my blogs. I just post stuff randomly…   

I call fans of my stories “Mars.” Mars is my favorite planet and it holds a very special meaning to my name.

On my Home page, there is a button called “Buy Now” which will lead you to multiple vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Google Play, etc.) who sell my book. 


On my Books page, you can also click on the button “Buy Now.” <3

Aiming for 2024 – 2025 but I am a slow writer…

I want to interact with Mars (my fans), answer any questions you may have, and sign books in person! Since I am still relatively new to everything, as of now, no. But there is a page on this website called “Events” in which will be updated if anything changes. I’ll also post any author events on my social media too (most likely on TikTok and Instagram).

I want to sell signed copies and book merch of TAOFILWY. Currently this is still a work in progress, but it will be updated…someday…

My avatar/logos are all beautifully drawn by my dear good friend, Tanjibo. 

Minor edits or new content (such as news, blogs, events, etc.) need to be made visible on this website. Check in again and it will most likely be back up. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

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