Extra TAOFILWY Playlists

Here are a bunch of other playlists that I compiled based on TAOFILWY. There are too many songs for me to list one by one so please feel free to just click on the links to the playlists.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but for those who have read or have yet to read my book, I reference many songs, a few animes, and K-pop artists (mainly 2nd-gen) in my debut novel.

Isa and Lia’s Playlist

One of my favorite parts of writing TAOFILWY were the scenes between Isa and Lia. Their friendship scenes are super cute and fun for me to write. Since they both love listening to K-pop, I wanted to dedicate a special playlist just for them.

You can check out Isa and Lia’s playlist here:


All the Songs Mentioned in TAOFILWY

Here is the playlist link for all the songs I mentioned in TAOFILWY:


TAOFILWY Anime Playlist

Here is the playlist link to my favorite main soundtrack for all the animes I mentioned in TAOFILWY:


TAOFILWY Ultimate K-pop Playlist

Here is the playlist link to a bunch of 2nd-gen K-pop artists’ songs:


Hope you enjoyed checking out these playlists. As always, thank you for reading/listening! <3